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Open letter to contractors

Kings Crossing Townhomes (KCT) is collecting information on contractors available to do on-site work. We are asking interested contractors to email the association at along with the following information:
  • Company name (please also place in subject line)
  • Company address
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Preferred phone number
  • Things you're currently experienced with: painting, minor maintenance, plumbing, siding, etc.

While not required, a ballpark estimate of hourly labor can be useful.

Upon receiving the initial E-mail you will be added to a database of prospective contractors and invited to bid on any work; however, KCT has a few prerequisites to the bidding process: you must be able to show you're a professionally bonded company with a DBA. You should have knowledge of invoicing, and a plan to professionally guarantee all work performed. In any bid you submit you will be required to answer questions, and to give a quote on costs and a reasonable approximation for time needed to complete the work. Contractors are not typically paid for quotes.


Evan Carroll